Otago Bay hot-house Tasmania – Elizabeth Day working on a cast for View from the Sixty-Third Floor, exhibited at CAST, Hobart, 2000. Image: Gordon Harrison Williams.

“The carpet works are both on the ground and simultaneously floating. They describe a contemporary subjective condition. One that is never and always at home, in process, in transit, but absent from Australia but here. Here and there. Inside and outside. Both.” Excerpt from Elizabeth Day, The Black, 2012.

Texts about this body of work:
Duncan Fairfax, The Texture of Materiality, 2003.
Patrick Crogan, Lost in Space: Elizabeth Day’s View from the Sixty-Third Floor, 1998.

Elizabeth Day, View from the Sixty-Third Floor, 2000, washed couch grass, moulded grass roots, and hydroponic system. Installation view, CAST, Hobart.