From left to right: Elizabeth Day, Rhizome Film, 2007, DVD, 5 mins. Elizabeth Day, Six Assorted Spat Out Ones, 2007, chewing gum on hessian, framed. Elizabeth Day, Of The Earth, 2007, cast grass roots framed with steel. Installation view, Carnegie Gallery, Hobart.

Carnegie Gallery, Hobart (2007); The University Gallery, University of Newcastle, NSW (14 May – 21 June 2008).
Curator: Judith Duquemin.
Artists: Elizabeth Day, Judith Duquemin, Matthys Gerber, Kate Mackay, Shaun Morrow, Giles Ryder, Justin Trendall.

Pattern is a regular or repetitive form, generally involving types of order and arrangement. Patterns are made according to certain rules; however through a making and breaking of the rules of pattern making, the conceptual realm of the artist’s intention is revealed. Pattern becomes a vehicle for expressing Variation, a principle that William Justema identified as ‘the intelligence of a pattern one could say its conscience adding that Variation and Repetition are the two most important aspects of pattern making, taking precedence over matters of Symmetry, Rhythm and Balance. Variation, the act or the result of varying something that differs slightly from the norm, is a reasoning that takes on greater complexity when it becomes an expression of individuality within multidisciplinary art practice.

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