Elizabeth Day, Raewyn Turner, Toni Frölich, Brian Harris, Deirdre Feeney, “Abstracts from the Spectra 2018 Symposium Part 3: Nano-Optics“, in Leonardo Vol. 54, Issue 5, October 2021: 569-571.

Elizabeth Day

My studio practice-based paper continues in the cross-disciplinary vein of my doctorate, Discontinued Narratives of Migration. The paper discusses the work Invisible Words/ Invisible Worlds produced during The Big Anxiety Festival in Parramatta, Australia, in 2017, at a socially potent location: the Parramatta Justice Precinct and the Parramatta Female Factory.

Invisible Words/Invisible Worlds incorporated images of carbon nanotubes that I observed through a Scanning Electron Microscope during recent work as artist in residence at the University of Newcastle, Australia, in the Department of Physics with nanotechnologist Xiaojing Zhou of the Centre for Organic Electronics. The paper focuses on the attempts that I made with Zhou to develop ways of intervening at a nano scale to produce text as we attempted to manipulate carbon nanotubes into text formations. I wanted to extend to the level of the nano in my feminist art practice’s aesthetic forms…

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