BLOT, group exhibition at Articulate Project Space, 497 Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt, Sydney, Fri-Sun 11am-5pm (or by invitation). Opening Sat 20 Aug 3-6pm. Closing Sun 4 Sept 2-4pm.

BLOT is a group exhibition of artists with a shared interest in site-specific, installation and related spatial and temporal practices exploring a blot of an idea… 

Anke Stacker, Anne Graham, Beata Geyer, Dell Walker, Diane McCarthy, Elizabeth Day, Emma Wise, Georgia Pea, Ira Ferris, Isobel Johnston & Sue Murray, Karlina Mitchell, Kenneth Lambert, Lesley Giovanelli, Linden Braye, Lucky Lartey, Margarita Sampson & Sean O’Keeffe, Mark Ryan, Naomi Ullmann, Renay Pepita, Stefania Riccardi, Steven Fasan, Sue Callanan, Susan Andrews, Terrence Plaejnvaig, Vilma Bader