A Downstairs Project at Articulate Project Space, Sydney, facilitated by William Seeto. Artists: Jan Cleveringa, Elizabeth Day, Elizabeth Mifsud, Marlene Sarroff, Bm Seeto, Anke Stäcker and Elke Wohlfahrt.

“It’s not that fast horses are rare but (those) who know enough to spot them are few and far between” Han Yü.

This exhibition is a facilitated project that takes place with a short lead-up time for participation; it is a project that is not curated by theme or curatorial recipe. The project provides artists with a space to show work that is free from curated direction, encourages artists to experiment with practice and evolves discourse in artist-run spaces.

This exhibition was originally scheduled 21 – 29 March 2020 but 27-29 March was cancelled due to Covid-19 health restrictions.

Image above: Elizabeth Day, Working in the Trouble, 2020, recycled wool, knitted, 200 x 200 cm (100 x 200 cm folded).